Eric Shoemaker, DO

Dr. Eric Shoemaker Headshot
Pain Management

Every patient I see in clinic is an individual with a unique set of factors that contribute to their condition. It is my job to understand my patient the best I can in the time we have together. Many conditions can cause pain, however pain itself is not a condition. Pain is a symptom. With my background training in physical medicine and rehabilitation I approach my patients by acquiring a detailed history and physical examination combined with imaging studies to discern, whenever possible, a particular pain generator. I work to identify not only the painful structure but the contributing factors to develop a comprehensive treatment approach. It is important that the patient understand their diagnosis and the spectrum of treatment options that are available so that we can work together to move forward with a plan that fits their individual needs and goals.

Dr. Shoemaker is a Colorado native. He grew up in Denver and completed his undergraduate degree at Colorado State University. After graduating from medical school with highest honors and scoring in the 96th percentile on his national boards Dr. Shoemaker completed his residency training in physical medicine and rehabilitation through the University of Colorado. He went on to complete a fellowship in interventional spine and sports medicine at Washington University in St. Louis; a nationally renowned program and one of only a small number of ACGME accredited fellowships of its kind.

Dr. Shoemaker is triple board-certified in sports medicine, pain medicine and physical medicine & rehabilitation. He has advanced training in interventional spine medicine and procedures, diagnostic ultrasound, ultrasound guided procedures and electrodiagnostic (EMG/NCV) testing. He is passionate about providing high quality patient care. With his excellent training and years of clinical experience Dr. Shoemaker utilizes his broad and multifaceted skill set, combined with his enthusiastic demeanor to bring about positive outcomes and effective treatment.